4-Week Boot Camps

4-Week Boot Camps

What to expect:
* SAFE and effective exercises from certified trainers!
* CHALLENGE yourself to learn new exercises!
* MOTIVATION from training with a group!
* FUN classes that are never the same workout twice!


What we expect from you:
* Show up to boot camp 2-3 days a week!
* Stay active 45-60 minutes on your own 2-3 days/week!
* Eat healthy snacks and meals every day!
* Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
* Do your very best to be your best self every day!

What we guarantee:
* A firmer, leaner, and tighter body!
* Increased energy and strength throughout the day
* A faster metabolism so you burn more calories faster and more efficiently
* A loss of fat, pounds, and inches in only 4-weeks

Try your 1st Boot Camp class for free! (Value $20)


Click to view the online class schedules!
*Honolulu Class Schedule
*Windward Class Schedule


How to Register: (spaces fill up quickly!)
*Create an online account
*Click on Contracts/Packages


2x/week – only $99!

3x/week – only $149!

Cost includes:
- 8 or 12 Boot Camp Classes (value $160-$240)
- Beginning & Final Fitness Evaluations (value $50)
- 1-Week Meal Plan (value $25)

*HI State Tax 4.0712% will be added. Must use all classes and Fitness Evaluations by the end of the program. If you miss a class during the week, contact Emily Boll 808-255-7714 to set up an extra class the following week.