Instructors & Staff

Emily Boll

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, Owner of BCH

  • *Founder and Owner of Boot Camp Hawaii, Inc.
  • *Corporate Health and Wellness Coach
  • *Small Group and Personal Training
  • *Virtual Online Coaching
  • *Motivational Speaker
Emily began her full-time fitness career and founded Boot Camp Hawaii, Inc. in 2009. She has over 15 years of personal training experience and is a well-known health coach for corporate companies across the Hawaiian islands. As a former educator in the classroom setting, she believes that health is a life-long journey of self-learning and self-discovery. Lastly, Emily is the lead health coach for the Kamehameha School’s year-round IMUA Lifestyle Challenge for over 200 employees.

Outside of fitness instruction, Emily is a competitive triathlete and enjoys outdoor sports including running, biking, swimming, and cross-training. She has completed 5 marathons (PR 3:56), 3 half-marathons (PR 1:56), and numerous triathlons: Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon 2009 & Lanikai Sprint Triathlon 2011: 1st in her age group, and Honolulu Triathlon 2011 & Tinman Triathlon: 2nd in her age group . She completed the Honu 70.3 Ironman in June 2010 and 2011 (PR 5:35), and finished with a 12:40 time at the Kona Ironman World Championships last October 2011. She is currently training for the 70.3 Kona Half Ironman in May 2015.

Emily holds a Master’s degree in Education and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles. As a mother of two young beautiful and active children, she challenges herself to be a lifelong learner and a positive role model. Whether she is training clients or raising her children, Emily believes that each person can impact their lives to become healthy with hard work, consistency, and action.



Scoop Slyman

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Certified

  • *Honolulu Boot Camp Trainer
  • *Corporate Fitness Trainer
  • *Personal Trainer

Scoop has been training clients and athletes for six years from middle-schoolers preparing for football season, to Team USA softball pitcher, and Olympic silver medalist Monica Abbott.  Scoop also has run many boot camps and fitness classes.  He recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Hawaii where Scoop prepared UH’s student athletes physically to play their sport. He has been an instructor with us at Boot Camp Hawaii for 3 years.



Avry Neal

Avry Neal

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 

I have experience working with many of the training methods and classes that Boot Camp Hawaii offers, working with populations from children to elderly and abilities from athletes to sedentary. Including gym workouts, I have been creating body weight and boot camp style training for myself and others in the last year. I feel that a blend of strength, flexibility, core balance and endurance is key in achieving peak physical fitness.

My appreciation and commitment to an athletic and active lifestyle has led me to participate in activities such as cycling, running, rock climbing, hiking, yoga, and sports. In addition, I feel that mental health is imperative to achieve balance and personal wellness. I feel techniques such as meditation, energy healing, chiropractic, mindfulness and positive thought can achieve this balance. I enjoy motivating and inspiring people to achieve their goals by making small changes and lifestyle adjustments that make big impacts.



Sara LeMaster

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified group exercise instructor for 3 years, & experience training in gyms, health clubs, outdoor parks, and personal residences

  • *Honolulu Boot Camp Trainer
  • *Certified Personal Trainer

Sara’s journey initially sparked when she found out she had Celiacs Disease. Upon researching its dietary limitations, she found passion in learning about nutrition and how it couples with an active lifestyle. Being a natural trainer at heart, she sought out the National Personal Training Institute and its 6 month 1000 hour program. Her fitness training and her undergraduate degree in BS-Psychology from Metropolitan State College of Denver help Sara understand the best ways to motivate and inspire others on both a physical and mental level.

Sara has been an avid runner for 20 years, now running in Spartan adventure races, 5k’s, 10 k’s, half-marathons and full marathons. Sara also competes as both a bikini and figure competitor. Most recently, Sara found that incorporating some aspects of yoga in her classes provides a wonderful connection with the mind-body experience. Through this, she aims to keep the mind and body healthy to achieve an overall lifestyle balance leading to increased health and happiness.



Danielle Erickson

Certified NFHS tennis coach, & certified surf coach

Danielle loves to surf and play tennis! She stays in great shape because she believes in working hard and conditioning so she can enjoy the sports that she loves. Danielle is a certified NFHS tennis coach at Castle High School and is a certified surf coach as well. She is currently working on her American Council of Exercise Personal Training certification. She trains hard and will train you hard in class, but you’ll find her playing around in the ocean (and on trampolines) on the weekends!



Sonnet Grant

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Sonnet has a bachelors degree in Community Studies from UC, Santa Cruz with a focus on integrative medicine and a background in sales and professional business coaching. She has also earned her American Council of Exercise Personal Training Certification.

Sonnet is passionate about helping others discover the value, power and joy in taking care of mind, body and spirit. Her strength is supporting others in being their best, most genuine Selves. She is committed to conscious evolution and has found that an attitude of gratitude, daily movement and making healthy choices are the best ways to heal, grow and shine. She believes exercise should be both challenging and fun and she works to incorporate these themes into her workouts.

Sonnet grew up backpacking all over the rocky mountains, mountain biking and playing competitive soccer. In her free time, she enjoys soccer, running 5K’s, 10K’s and ½ marathons as well as biking, swimming, SUP’ing, hiking/trail running, cross-training and backpacking adventures. She’s been practicing yoga for over 15 years and strongly believes in its benefits. She recently started SUP Yoga and is enjoying the added challenge and the beauty of being on the water.


Angie Halliwell

  • *NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • *AFFA Group Exercise Certified Instructor
  • *Spinning Certified Instructor
  • *American Red Cross CPR Certified

As a military spouse and a mother, Angie began searching for ways to instill healthier habits upon her children, friends, and herself. She has been an avid runner since 2010, finishing 6 half marathons, 3 marathons, and a plethora of 5 & 10ks. In 2012, she decided to make a career change and pursue the health & fitness industry. She has been training boot camp style workouts for approximately 1 year. On top of he current certifications, she is also studying for a Bachelors Degree in Sports & Recreation Management through Ashford University.

On her off time, Angie enjoys participating in races, paddleboarding, and volunteering her time. Helping others through their fitness journey is truly inspiring to her. Her long term goal is to help others see all the benefits and fun that healthier living has to offer.


Kalia Kelmenson

Kalia Kelmenson brings over 20 years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness field. For more than 15 years she has worked with individuals and groups to push past their limits, and reach new levels of physical fitness. In the past 8 years, she has expanded her services to specifically address the issues her clients struggle with: stress resilience, mental and physical resilience, and a mindset of success in mastering their health. These are key components that must exist for any physical program to be beneficial.

Kalia loves working with people who want to take their health and fitness to the next level, and want to do so in a safe, fun, and effective way.


Earl Bagaoisan

Valdosta State University

  • *Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology

After going through ACL surgery twice on the same knee, Earl spent a lot of time in physical therapy to regain strength in his leg and reduce the possibility of a third occurrence, so he can return to the sport he loves, swimming. Being in physical therapy for so long and seeing its benefits encourages Earl to reach out and help people reach their fitness goals. As a result, he chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology as a step towards obtaining a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Earl has been a registered USA competitive swimmer for over 12 years and was involved in club swimming during the last few years of college. He swam the 5k, 3k, and 1k race at Clemson’s Death Valley open water swim. Besides swimming, he’s competed in the Fort DeRussy Biathlon in 1999 and was involved short term with the track and field and football teams in high school. Recently, he’s enjoyed cycling, running, and weightlifting to increase his fitness and strength as well as improving my physique. As an exercise physiology major, Earl used the skills and knowledge he’s obtained throughout the years to improve the fitness level and performance of the swim club members he used to coach.

Substitute Instructors

Tyson Nishihara

Boot Camp Hawaii Fitness Trainer

While growing up in Mililani, Tyson Nishihara played 4 years of football for the Mililani Trojan during high school. Through his commitment to football, he became aware of how important it was to exercise and live a healthy life, sparking his interest in pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. Tyson currently attends Western Oregon University and is going into his senior year, achieving an Exercise Science major. As an intern with Boot Camp Hawaii, Tyson hopes to become a personal trainer in his career to come.

Tyson loves being physically active and is heavily involved with water sports (Surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, wakeboarding, and stand up paddle). When away from home, Tyson enjoys snowboarding, spending most of his time at Mount Hood. In between and after classes, you can find him at the school gym lifting weights or doing cardio.

Tyson recently broke his collarbone while snowboarding in Canada and is unable to do any physical activities. But now he is healed and his main motivation/goals are to achieve his full physical strength, improving his body and perseverance. Whenever he surfs, runs, works-out, or stays physically active, Tyson is relieved from his stress or worries, letting his mind be free from everything.



Coco Zhang

Certified Yoga Instructor

Finding out that her calling in life was yoga, Coco gave up a career in the business while living in Tokyo, Japan to pursue a teaching career with Yoga.  After several years of practice, in 2008, Coco completed her 200 & 300 hours of RYT Yoga Alliance training andcertification with a base in the fundamentals of Hatha yoga.

Additionally, she’s spent time extensively studying Ashtanga under Ken Harakuma of IYC Tokyo, Richard Freeman in Boulder, CO, and has briefly trained with and translated work for David Keil, as well continues her daily regimen of morning Mysore style Ashtanga training here on Oahu, having just completed the 2nd series and progressing to the 3rd.

Also 2011,she had the teacher training with Rusty Wells who is the founder of Bhakti flow yoga.Coco’s home town is Shanghai and she has spent almost 10 years living in Japan, traveling the globe and across the US training under multiple well known Ashtanga yogis as well as training in the art Thai yoga massage.  Coco brings her dedication, passion, and friendly smile to the yoga studio, and combines it with her training fundamentals in Hatha yoga and Ashtanga to create a unique Vinyasa Power yoga class that challenges students to build their inner core, increase flexibility, and sweat their stress away.  Coco is trilingual in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.



Cameron Prendergast

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certified

  • *Honolulu Boot Camp Trainer
  • *Corporate Fitness Trainer
  • *Personal Trainer

Cameron’s fitness background lies primarily in recreational sports, running, surfing and most prominently in yoga.  Throughout college while pursuing a degree in music at the University of Colorado, he found himself spending more time in the gym, the yoga studio and cycling around Denver than playing my guitar.  This was the first indicator that he had probably chosen the wrong passion to pursue.  Regardless, he finished his degree in 2008 and moved to Australia.  After a year of travelling Cameron found himself in sunny Honolulu, once again running and cycling, exchanging the thin Colorado air for the temperate tradewinds of Hawaii and the mountains for the ocean.

Cameron has lived in Honolulu for three years now, and in that time has not only discovered a deep love for the islands, but also an even deeper interest and passion in fitness through running, hiking, cycling and surfing.  Most recently he has immersed himself in yoga, completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training under Dorian Wright at Power Yoga Hawaii.  Cameron has been practicing yoga off and on for 8 years, and finally decided to make it an investment in his goals.  He is also an NASM-certified personal trainer, focusing on body weight training, plyometrics, balance and flexibility training.  Long-term goals involve training in massage therapy and eventually a Masters degree in Physical Therapy.