March BCH Student of the Month!

Congratulations to Jose Perez!
March Male Student of the Month

Jose Perez (see recent photo on right)
Military Training to Lifelong Training

I am 40 years old and have been in the military for 15 years. I joined the military 5’8” tall and 190lbs. After training I was 165lbs and in the best shape ever. I maintained this for a few years; however, I slowly gained my way back to 190lbs. I struggled from that point on. On several occasions I was on the verge of losing my career. I always found a way to lose the weight, however, I always managed to put the weight back on until I finally reached my max weight of 230 lbs.

Although I wanted to lose weight, it seemed the only time I was motivated was when my career was in jeopardy. Due to some new changes in my life I came to realize I needed to change my mindset and my lifestyle. When I did it for the military I would only push myself so far. This time, while I have a goal of losing weight, I primarily have a daily goal to eat the right foods and keep myself active. I have to give credit to my partner; she keeps me motivated by supporting me every step of the way. She assures I am eating the right foods, prepares me a healthy lunch to take to work, and finds things for us to do to keep us active. Knowing that I have this support system in place and the flexibility of the BCH classes motivates me to achieve my daily goal.

Since I started with BCH I have lost about 10lbs in three weeks and I have more energy then ever. I guess you could say my new goal is to maintain my daily goal of leading a healthy life style every day.

Each BCH instructor brings something different to the table. Their professionalism and experience make going to classes fun and rewarding. I look forward to going to class to the point that I showed up one day ready to go only to realize there wasn’t class. I also did Yoga for the first time in my life and I look forward to it each week. Since I started BCH I am more flexible and energetic. I even have enough energy to run after my workouts.

To anyone thinking about joining, BCH is a great way to achieve your goals. The classes are abundant, flexible, and fun. The workouts are challenging and rewarding no matter what your level.

Jose 15 years ago

Jose at 230 lbs. 


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