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Private Training

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Private training is perfect for you if you want individualized attention and if your schedule is busy.

What to Expect:
1) Start with a complimentary preliminary interview and go over your goals with your trainer.
2) Schedule training sessions: 1x/week, 2x/week, 3x/week, etc.
3) Sessions are 60 minutes each.
4) Daily accountability with your trainer via phone, email, text message regarding nutrition, workouts, personal lifestyle needs.
5) Monthly weigh-ins with your trainer.

1) Sessions are prepaid or can be billed monthly.
2) Paid sessions must be used within one month.
3) Sessions can be rescheduled with a minimum of 24-hour notice.

Find an appointment with a Private Trainer:
1) Click here to find an appointment.

2) Click on which private training package you want.
3) Select the Trainer you want.
4) Search for available dates and times.

Pricing Options:

For questions and scheduling, contact Emily Boll (808) 255-7714 or


Jessica Latief

Age: 26
Country: Singapore

“Since I can remember, exercising has always been an unwanted but necessary chore. I’ve tried all different types of diets and other trainers to get into that healthy, lean and swimsuit body. However, nothing seemed to do the trick until I found Boot Camp Hawaii.

I worked with Emily on personal training sessions for several months, and i am impressed with the results. When I met Emily, I have given up on having that bikini body and just wanted to focus on getting healthy. Just several weeks into our workout I had already started to feel lighter on my feet and by the end of one month my clothes started to become looser. I have truly come to enjoy working out without having to leave my regular daily routines.

Emily is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend her to every one of all ages. Thank God for the advancement in technology, because now even when I’m not on island I can take Emily everywhere with me. But the best part of the working out with Emily is that she creates a calm and energetic energy atmosphere that is motivates you to want to take it to the next level. Thank you Emily for giving me the motivation and showing me how strong I truly am.”

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