Referral Rewards

Aloha Boot Camp Hawaii and Friends!

It is because of your enthusiasm for exercise and hard work at getting healthy this year, that we want to reward you with some incentives to invite your friends to join in on the fun!

BCH 2013 Referral Rewards Program!

For every friend you refer you’ll get a discount off your next purchase or monthly payment! In order for you to receive discount, each friend needs to purchase any type of membership or package $40 and over.

Two Referral Rewards Options:
A: $25 Towards your Next Purchase
(Series & Memberships, Packages)

B: 50% Off your First Month of Contract Dues (Month-to-Month Contracts)

View our rates below:
1) Series & Memberships
2) Packages
3) Month-to-Month Contracts

Let us know who your friend(s) are!
    1) Your First and Last Name
    2) Friend #1: First and Last Name
    3) Friend #1: phone number
    4) Friend #1: email address

How to receive your credit:
1) Send in your friend’s referral information above to
2) Subject: My Referrals
3) Choose which referral option you prefer.
4) You will receive a confirmation email of your $25 credit or a promo code for 50% off your 1st month of contract dues within 1-2 business days of each friend’s purchase!

Workout with your friends and family. Share the gift of health this year!

- Emily Boll
Owner, Boot Camp Hawaii