Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs

Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs 2013

Boot Camp Hawaii has been offering quality On-site Corporate Fitness Training since 2009. BCH works as a partner to meet the needs of your company’s health care focus. Coaches work one-on-one to motivate each employee to incorporate daily physical activity and change their lifestyle habits.

On-Site Corporate Fitness Training

* Basic Strength and Conditioning
* Yoga and Stretching
* Zumba
* Fitness Boxing
* Monthly Fitness Evaluations



Lifestyle and Weight Management Workshops

* Grocery Store Navigations
* Daily Caloric Needs & Portion Control
* Stress Management
* Travel & Exercise Nutrition
* Healthy Cooking Classes



Administrative and Management Support 

*Health Waivers and Enrollment
*Online Client Management System
*Attendance Tracking
*On-going Communication with each participant
*Increases and maintains participant retention






On-Going Corporate Classes


University of Hawaii @ Manoa Boot Camp – 2010 – present




FM 100 Birthday Bash Boot Camp (April – July 2010)



SSFM International Boot Camp (July – October 2010)

Austin Tsutsumi Boot Camp (July – October 2011)

Austin Tsutsumi Associates Yoga and Fitness – March – May 2012!


Whole Foods Engine 2 Diet – 28-Day Challenge (May 2011)




Corporate Wellness Classes – Healthy Posture and Core Strength

(2010 – 2011)