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Amy’s Boot Camp Adventure

“A tale of torture and triumph”

A Love/Hate Relationship

Posted 6/24/2010 3:22 PM CDT on livestrong.com Community

I’ve been working out with Emily and Boot Camp Hawaii for six weeks. The adventure started when I woke up one morning with the idea that I needed a personal trainer. As my first year of graduate school and teaching at the University of Hawaii came to an end, I realized that my fitness and nutrition had suffered tremendously. It was going to take a great deal of work to regain my strength and endurance and I needed someone who would push me. However, I’ve worked with trainers in the past and knew that just any trainer would not suffice. A beafy, muscle-bound, steroid-using dude who pumps weights at the gym while grunting, sweating, and commanding me to follow along simply would not meet my needs. My strong and competitive nature is equally balanced with a need for emotional support and encouragement. I AM a girl after all!

So I set out to find the perfect trainer. I Googled, Yelped, and Bing’d for hours. Several times I came across a trainer named Emily Boll. She owns Boot Camp Hawaii and hosts workouts at Ala Moana Beach Park. Every review was phenomenal, the workout location cannot be beat, and she looks like a nice person. Participation in the 10-week Challenge includes nutritional coaching, one-on-one coaching with Emily, group training, and more. After reading the details at www.bootcamp-hawaii.com several times, I was absolutely convinced this was exactly what I was looking for. Something you should know about me is that I am typically an impulsive buyer. Whether I’m shopping for shoes, lamps, or houses, I usually know when I’ve found what I’m looking for and rarely hesistate to make a purchase. But for some reason, I decided to sleep on it. Maybe it was because I knew that I was committing to more than a simple purchase. This decision would result in a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. Never-the-less, the next morning I made the commitment.

To my complete surprise, the workouts were BRUTAL! (In a good way.) I suppose a beach workout with some light weights seems benign compared to the steel machines and stacks of weights in a busy gym. With palm trees swaying, kids playing, and waves caressing the soft, sandy beach, how could anyone know that this much muscle soreness and fatigue could be possible? For the first several days even the simplest acts were made difficult as a result of the Boot Camp experience. Getting out of bed, sitting down, standing up, lifting a coffee cup, and getting dressed were all painful reminders of how incredibly out of shape I was. Despite the misery, I knew that I had found the perfect trainer in Emily Boll.

Emily is an impossible combination of sweet, charming, adorable, and completely badass! She is perfectly fit (which would typically make you want to hate her, but that’s inconceivable). She somehow manages to motivate and inspire me through encouragement and affirmation while simultaneously provoking my competitive spirit. I’m not sure how she does it, but I know it works! Until now, I never knew it was possible for one individual to harness the sweet, loving, and encouraging spirit of my mom while inspiring success through the ambitious, driven and competitive spirit of my dad!

Thanks to Emily I can jump higher, run faster, and push harder. However, on a daily basis I can be heard uttering the words, “I think Emily hates me!” Clearly I don’t believe that Emily hates me. In fact, I’m fairly certain she couldn’t even hate cockroaches. But when our Boot Camp workout consists of sprints, tabatas, or throw downs, it’s hard to believe the idea was born of love!

My love/hate relationship continues. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey!

- Amy Wisner

Post-Graduate Student

University of Hawaii at Manoa