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KITV4′s Amber Lynn Hyden

Initially, I was going to just start off on P90x or some workout regime I could do on my own time. Well, months went by – no schedule = no discipline = no results. That’s when I opted for the 8-week Boot Camp Hawaii challenge, just something temporary to get me on track.

It didn’t take long to notice results. I had more energy, felt stronger, and gained more endurance while running. And I hate running. Being an avid surfer, it really strengthened my core and balance, translating into more ability on the waves. But most importantly is the mental toughness you gain through constantly pushing the envelope- a definite asset in yoga practice.

That’s what I’ve appreciated most about working with Emily Boll and the other trainers. They care about your goals, work around ailments, while positively encouraging you to push past what you’ve set your limits at, knowing that you can accomplish more. There is no better investment than that of your health. And for me personally, Boot Camp Hawaii was the perfect fit! Needless to say, this became more than an 8-week stint. :)

“Birthday Bash Boot Camp 12-week Challenge Winner”

Since I started Boot Camp I lost 20 lbs and 3 inches off my waistline!  I have more energy and I feel good about myself!  Emily’s program works!  I would highly recommend it!

- Davey D Program Director
On-Air Personality Cox Radio, KCCN FM100

Start 4/1/2010 End 7/31/2010 September 2011
Weight 220 lbs. 200 lbs. 186 lbs.
Body Fat 28.6% 25.6% 24.1%
Waist 40.75 in. 37.25 in. 36 in.


“Good Measure of Brute Strength”

I love to be in the ocean. Whether it’s sailing, surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking or swimming; I simply love being in the ocean. Kayaking is my all-time favorite ocean activity, especially racing in the open ocean. Technically called surfski paddling, open-ocean kayak racing is a sport that is wildly popular in Australia and South Africa.

And while Hawaii and California has born a number of world-class surfski paddlers, the Saffa’s and Aussie’s are always the Big Boys. Sunday, May 15th is the annual running of the Molokai World Championships; the single-most coveted surfski title in the world.


This race is many things, but in essence, it’s a solo crossing of the Kaiwi Channel; a distance of 32 miles starting on the western-most edge of Molokai to Hawaii Kai marina on Oahu. Yes, a solo crossing; that means no changes, no help, no breaks, just a one-way trip from Molokai to Oahu.

The record time was set in the early 1990′s: 3 hours and 22 minutes. However, most competitors finish well over the 4-hour mark. Any finishing time less than 4 hours puts you in the bad-ass category for the rest of your life. This year will be my eighth solo crossing of the Kaiwi Channel: twice on a paddleboard, and six on a surf ski. Shortly after last year’s race, I decided to take a different approach to my training and preparation for the 2011 race.

Historically, all of the elite paddlers and top finishers are big strong boys; no skinny fly-wheels need apply. This race takes a good measure of brute strength, a giant dose of endurance, the agility of a cat, and a smidgen of nuttiness. It was clear that I needed to gain strength without putting on a lot of weight while preserving and honing my agility.

Christina, my beautiful bride-to-be, introduced me to Boot Camp Hawaii as a break from the traditional ‘paddle each day, every day’ methodology. To be honest, I was skeptical that this kind of workout would be challenging and afford any kind of benefit to my paddling. Wow, I was really wrong! Emily Boll and her staff of awesome trainers kicked my ass on the first day and every day since !!

The combination of strength training, plyometric exercises and militaristic intervals challenged every fiber in my body and brought my mind to the breaking point each and every workout. Boot Camp Hawaii turned out to be just the type of regular exercise regimen that I was looking for. I’ve gained heaps of strength while honing my agility and sharpening my speed work. I’m hooked.

So, getting back to Sunday. I’m looking to setting a personal record this year; breaking the 4-hour mark. It will be a tough effort, but I have 5 months of Emily’s training under my belt, and I’ve never felt more prepared for this channel crossing before.

I’m super stoked to be a part of Boot Camp Hawaii, and will definitely continue my tutelage under Emily and her staff. Thanks for reading my story, and wish me luck this Sunday!

- Noah Hawk
Boot Camp Hawaii Sponsored Athlete of the Year
Elite Solo Paddler, Molokai World Championships


“Fitness is Part of My Life”

Boot Camp Hawaii is such a wonderful investment in your self!  Before I started with Boot Camp Hawaii I never considered fitness to be a part of my life.  I always felt weak mentally and physically.  Boot Camp Hawaii has changed all that.  Emily Boll pushed me and challenged me to go beyond what I thought I could do.  She taught me exercises and techniques I never knew, that can be done anywhere at any time, that showed me how strong I really am. Now I love to exercise and I feel lost without it.  I am on my way to my fitness goal, having lost 20 pounds, and I have Boot Camp Hawaii and Emily Boll to thank for that!

- Bella Finau-Faumuina
Vocalist and Musician of Na Waiho’olu’u o ke Anuenue (Na Wai)


“Healthier and Fitter Lifestyle”

“Bootcamp Hawaii helps to keep me in check! If it weren’t for Emily Boll’s positive and genuine support for me, my husband, and our FM100 family, I know I wouldn’t make half the effort to strive for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Thank you Emily and Bootcamp Hawaii for your love and support…You’re the best!”

-Kandice Daniel’s (on the right)
Overdrive Live & The Place To Be Productions, LLC Owner