“Teacher, Entrepreneur, Dancer”

Like most stories, the not-so-healthy lifestyle began after high school. I felt like I could do anything back in the days. I never really noticed I was getting unhealthy until I moved into my 4-story walk-up apartment complex, which, of course, I live on the top floor. Walking up those steps kept getting harder and harder! Since then, my wahine Nicole and I had our first child, Ka’ahulei, and I made it a point to be healthy for her. I couldn’t see myself sitting on the side watching her run around the park, I would much rather be out there running alongside with her.

I chose to join Boot Camp Hawaii because I like the fact that someone is there pushing you all the way. What motivates me is everyone in the class. I think to myself, “If they can do it, I better!”

I am a pretty busy guy, I am a high school teacher and if anybody knows any teachers they know that we spend countless hours off the clock doing more work. But just as I tell my students, I don’t like excuses… only results. This is why I make it a point to keep up with the program; I have to practice what I preach (or teach in this case).

I have only been in the program for two months and I already feel better throughout the day; I have to pull my belt tighter and am no longer afraid to jump on the scale at home.

The coaches at Boot Camp Hawaii are great. I haven’t met all of them yet, but after meeting Emily, Jen, Scoop, and of course, a few of the interns, I felt pretty comfortable with them and I liked the fact that they remembered my name right from the start!

The class that I “fear” the most is the HIIT class. My body hurts the rest of the week! But for some reason I keep going back for more. Every week does seem to get a bit easier though, which motivates me to do more in the weeks to come.

If anyone is thinking about signing up for Boot Camp Hawaii, just STOP THINKING and just go for it! “Mai maka’u i ka hana, maka’u i ka moloā.” – “Don’t fear work, fear laziness.”

- Kui Gupero
Owner of Mamoli’i Productions, Teacher at Kamehameha, Dances for Ka Pa Hula O Ka Lei Lehua (Merrie Monarch 2012)

“Weekend Warrior”

Playing sports almost all my life, I am use to running and trying to stay physically fit. That’s until I started working out with Emily Boll from Boot Camp Hawaii. The exercise fitness and training program she uses is nothing I ever experienced. Within the first month I noticed changes to my body by lowering my body fat and increasing my muscle tone. In my opinion, Boot Camp style classes feel like every one workout was equivalent to one straight weeks workout at the gym. Emily’s workouts challenged me every time, because everyday focused on a different part of your body down to the core. It has been over a year working with Boot Camp Hawaii, I would highly recommend too all those weekend warriors who want stay in their best shape and continue to play sports for a long, long time.

- Marc Inouye, 33
Honolulu, Hawaii


“Focused Mind, Feeling Healthier”

I was talking one day with a coworker and complaining that I was not doing enough physical activity, and that I really wanted to get into better shape. The Coworker suggested I try Boot Camp Hawaii; she had already been a member for over 6 month and loved the program. I did the initial free 5-day trail and I was sold immediately. I have done other workout programs and have had gym memberships in the past, but nothing has motivated me and kept me focused on my goals in the same positive manner that Emily Boll and her Boot Camp Hawaii (BCH) program does.

BCH makes fitness fun, and the results are amazing. I have only been a member for a month now, but I am already showing physical results, and feeling healthier. The key to the program and why I enjoy it so much is a two prong diverse approach. First, Emily and her well trained staff have a multitude of diversity in the exercise and routines that they provide to the class everyday – This keeps your mind focused and your body always challenged. Second, Emily recognizes diversity within the group (within the group on any giving day we have male, female, older, younger, athletes, and those just starting out, those that wish to lose a few pounds and tone, and those who desire to lose more weight). Although everyone is at a different ability level or has different goals; Emily does a magnificent job of pushing everyone, with respect, dignity, and an understanding of everyone’s individual goals. Even though I may be in a group of 10, Emily and her staff gives one on one attention that you would only expect if you were paying a personal trainer to give you private classes.

My personal goals are to workout 4~6 days a week, maintain a routine for at least 6 months, lose 20~25 pounds, and to feel and live healthier. I have no doubt with Emily’s BCH and my motivation I will obtain my goals and feel awesome doing it.

U.S. Army Pacific Command


“An Alternative to Gyms”

I officiate high school football on Oahu, so maintaining a high level of fitness is critical. But gyms never appealed because I don’t like feeling stuck in a confined area full of sweaty, stale air. And workout videos are convenient for some, but working out in my living room meant having to rearrange furniture, dodging dogs, etc., and I like keeping my living space for living and relaxing. Another disadvantage of workout videos is they’re less able to tailor a workout to your current ability. Thus, if you’re not able to do the moves, you’re left waiting for the next exercise you can do. So you’re not doing the whole workout, meaning time wasted and more frustration.

BOOT CAMP HAWAII was the perfect alternative for me. I’m outside in the Hawai’i fresh air, the beach scenery is gorgeous, and I feel a stronger sense of accomplishment in that I actually went somewhere to take care of my body. Plus, Emily has a knack for adapting each exercise on-the-fly, always giving you something you can do, while still challenging you. This lets you build strength as you work toward the more advanced forms. No time is wasted, and you feel like you pushed yourself the whole time.

Best of all, I can honestly see results. I’m getting stronger and more agile on the football field, and my fellow officials have already noticed definition in my upper body. Emily has an inviting and encouraging personality, and this has helped create an environment where I truly look forward to exercising–even at 6 a.m.! I can honestly say I’d never make myself do this stuff as regularly as I’ve been able to if it weren’t for Emily Boll and BOOT CAMP HAWAII.

Dr. Jayson Dibble
Professor of Speech, UH-Manoa
OIA/ILH Varsity Football Official