Jessica Latief

“Since I can remember, exercising has always been an unwanted but necessary chore. I’ve tried all different types of diets and other trainers to get into that healthy, lean and swimsuit body. However, nothing seemed to do the trick until I found Boot Camp Hawaii.

I worked with Emily on personal training sessions for several months, and i am impressed with the results. When I met Emily, I have given up on having that bikini body and just wanted to focus on getting healthy. Just several weeks into our workout I had already started to feel lighter on my feet and by the end of one month my clothes started to become looser. I have truly come to enjoy working out without having to leave my regular daily routines.

Emily is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend her to every one of all ages. Thank God for the advancement in technology, because now even when I’m not on island I can take Emily everywhere with me. But the best part of the working out with Emily is that she creates a calm and energetic energy atmosphere that is motivates you to want to take it to the next level. Thank you Emily for giving me the motivation and showing me how strong I truly am.”

Rae Kai – July Student of the Month

After my husband, Robin, and I had our daughter, Riley, I found myself struggling to lose the baby weight I had gained during my pregnancy. I had come across an advertisement for Boot Camp Hawaii during a race packet pick up earlier this year. After reading about the different classes offered in the program, both for exercise and nutrition, cooking, and diet education, I decided to give the “Get Sexy” challenge a shot.

At first, the workouts were brutal. I don’t think I’ve done so many squats in my life. I would normally workout at the gym by myself. Working out in a group, as opposed to alone, I felt myself pushing harder through the exercises. It wasn’t a matter of keeping up or trying to “beat” everyone else. It was as if each person in the class fed into the next person’s drive to finish the exercise no matter how much it burned. It was a sense of camaraderie as we pushed forward towards the next round. After a while I found myself enjoying class.

The nutrition, diet, and cooking classes were both fun and interesting. My general understanding of nutrition derived from those food pyramids you would see in the doctor’s office. It was nice to sit down and delve deeper into the reasons why you should not eat certain foods and why other foods are beneficial to your health. The lessons regarding the roles of the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins coupled with strategies in food preparation, planning, and portion control really set the stage for me to move forward with healthy diet choices for not only myself, but also my family.

In the end, I finished the “Get Sexy” challenge 22 inches slimmer than when I began. I can get through the exercises easier and I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Though it was difficult to perceive improvement in the beginning, I can now attest to the many benefits of throwing down a good workout with Boot Camp Hawaii. All in all, it has been a great experience.


(before)                                      (after)

Tiana Rivera – Lost 4% body fat
12-week Get Sexy Challenge Finalist

I never thought this day would ever come. I couldn’t believe the results I achieved though out the challenge. Before I started the “Get Sexy Challenge” I never made the time to ever work out nor eat healthy. I was so lazy, fatigue, I wasn’t happy with my weight, and especially with my self- esteem. I really wanted to change my bad life style but I needed some kind of motivation to help me get back onto the right path.

The “Get Sexy Challenge” really helped motivate me to get back in to shape. I’m so glad I meet Emily at the great aloha run expo. I was a little hesitant about the expectations but Emily assured me of my questions and concerns. Soon enough I gave it a shot and I signed up. Before attending my first day of class I was very nerves and didn’t know what to expect. I went to my first class gave it my all!

Now here I am today, 4% body fat loss, 6 pounds lighter, 11 inches loss, and I feel so AWSOME! I am more energetic, stronger, and happier. Surprisingly I can honestly say that my cardio has improved; I’m much stronger, my eating habits changed, and I feel great. Although the workouts are very challenging you’ll leave the class feeling refreshed. The first couple of weeks weren’t easy, but I dedicated my self and kept an open mind.

With the help of Emily the trainer’s and their expertise of knowledge about fitness, I was able to accomplish my goals. The exercises are challenging but very rewarding! Week after week I felt myself getting stronger and faster. I really like that every day is a different work out, they focuses on different parts of your body. Emily and the trainers pushed me hard and helped push my body to a whole other level. With their expertise and knowledge, they push u hard with positive encouragement and always with a big smile =). I got to meet new people of all ages and make new friends. Not only where the instructors encouraging but so is the group.

BCH provides food logging and knowledgeable nutrition classes. Emily and Christina give great feed back. I’m glad that I made BCH a part of my life. If you’re up for a challenge and a life changing experience then Boot Camp HI and the “Get Sexy Challenge” is meant for you. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants a program that works with happy results. Even though I achieved my goal with satisfying results I am going to continue on with BCH with out a doubt. THANK YOU BOOT CAMP HI =)


Tiana Rivera – Winner of Most Body Fat Lost

Age: 26            Height: 4’11”

Start 4/1/11 End 6/24/11 Lost
Weight 134.6 lb 128.4 lb -6.2 lb
Body Fat – upper 34.0 % 30.1 % Average loss


Body Fat – lower 37.3 % 35 %
Total Inches 270.75” 260.5” -11.0”
Attendance Average 2.875 classes/week


“Energy and Motivation”

Little did I know that 7 months ago when I met Emily Boll with Boot Camp Hawaii, she would change my life.  Prior to starting BCH, I never made the time to exercise.  But after being convinced by fellow co-workers to start BCH, I can’t imagine my life without it.  Everyone always has great things to say about Emily and I’m glad I signed up.  Emily is a very positive, wonderful influence and always motivates me to push myself to do a little more than I think that I can.  I feel better about myself, I find that my energy level is up and I feel stronger each week.  I never feel like I can’t do the exercises because Emily is there to show us the proper way to do them and how we will benefit from it.  Even after I achieve my personal goals, I plan to continue BCH.  Every week I look forward to working out and finding out what’s in store for that day!

- Michele Inouchi

“Enthusiastic Mommy doing Boot Camp”

I started training with Emily Boll in October of 2009. Before Emily, I would do occasional workouts at the gym on the elliptical or with various machines, but I lacked the drive to really push myself to my limit. Emily has pushed me to my limit and beyond! At each session, she gives me the motivation to work my absolute hardest and to do things I never knew my body could do.

I first started training with Boot Camp Hawaii not to lose weight, but to increase my strength, energy, and tone the muscles that I knew were hiding somewhere in my body. Then, after I got pregnant (and gained a whopping 55 lbs in the process!) and had my second baby in July 2010, I knew I needed to come back to BCH to try to lose my baby weight and tone up again. With Emily’s help, I was able to lose all of the weight and keep it off while continuing to increase my strength and stamina. Now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and I know it’ll only get better!

There is no way that I could have gotten to this point without Emily’s guidance, support, and expertise. She is extremely enthusiastic about what she does and it shows. Her positive and encouraging attitude toward training has proven effective and helps me to achieve the results I’ve been looking for. I plan to continue training with her for a long time and can’t recommend her and Boot Camp Hawaii highly enough!

- Kalei Miyahana


“If I can do it, you can too.”

I was looking for the impossible — no loud music, no screaming in your face, bored instructors and I found it! I love working out again after a hiatus of 2 lazy years. I qualify for free Medicare fitness classes at local gyms but instead PAY for Boot Camp — it’s that good.

The instructors are champions and let me modify as needed for my age (67). They motivate. Everyday is something different. Being outdoors is bliss. The participants are FUN and FRIENDLY — we know each other’s names — and encourage each other — rare at any exercise program. I lost 23 inches and 9 pounds in 2 months w/ease — going 3 times a week. I love the nutritional classes and weigh ins. If I can do it, you can too. I have signed up already for another whole year.

- Sandy Hall (age 67)

“Celebrating my 60th Birthday”

Having just celebrated my 60th birthday,  I find myself looking forward to  working out with Emily Boll. As a trainer and fitness consultant she is a patient and conscientious instructor.  I know I have strengthened my core, and increased my endurance. Its important for me to stay healthy as I age and  Boot Camp Hawaii at UH Manoa  definitely contributes to my well being!

- Pua Auyong-White



“Restoring Muscle Tone”

I enrolled in Boot Camp Hawaii in January, 2011 to begin the challenge of recovering my body after a hysterectomy and breast cancer took me a long way away from my previous fit life. I had gained over 30 pounds and although I swam and did yoga regularly, I could not get enough cardio or core strength from those activities to reduce my weight. I have the added burden of hypothyroidism but I believe that that, too, will be positively affected by the Boot Camp experience.

My personal goals with Boot Camp Hawaii are to lose that unneeded weight, restore my muscle tone and core strength, and to attain a level of fitness that is healthy and sustainable. I feel renewed in so many ways and although I have not achieved my weight loss goal yet, my core is much stronger and my overall fitness is much improved. I can feel the changes in my body and people have commented that they can see the differences already.

The variety of exercises and the interactive approach of Boot Camp Hawaii (working in teams, doing stations, etc.) are fun, challenging, and never boring. The best feature of Boot Camp Hawaii, however, is Emily Boll! She encourages, challenges, and acknowledges when we have made an effort and for me, that really entices me to do more! I’m addicted to Boot Camp Hawaii and encourage anyone and everyone to give it a try!

- Pat Masters (on the left)


“Fit for a Triathlete”

As a former trainer and wellness educator, when I came to Hawai’i I was looking for a solid program to help further my fitness goals of gaining lean muscle mass and increasing cardiovascular fitness.  I am also a triathlete and had registered for the Na Wahine so I was in search of a program that would help me effectively train for the race.  In the one month that I was able to attend classes, Emily Boll and Boot Camp Hawaii fulfilled all of my needs.  The workouts were challenging and well-designed, incorporating all of the various aspects of Ala Moana park (running paths, exercise bars, ocean, and beach).  Emily Boll is a knowledgeable and motivating instructor, with a positive attitude and a keen ability to help each client hone in on their particular fitness goals.  She is not a militant instructor but firmly and kindly keeps you moving through the day’s workout.  The icing on the cake for Boot Camp Hawaii is the fantastic group of people who are ongoing clients.  They were welcoming, supportive and hard working, which was also a great motivator.   In one month I lost 4 pounds and had my best run time in a triathlon.  If I hadn’t left Hawai’i I would definitely still be a client of Boot Camp Hawaii and Emily Boll.   I would recommend the program to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, no matter how small or large!

- Tina Massmann (on the right)

“Corporate & Mommy Wellness in 12-weeks!”

In June 2010, my company SSFM International started a 12-week fitness challenge. My initial weigh in was 174lbs. So that proved that my “Saturday activities” did help with losing some weight. At work, we were able to take yoga and Boot Camp classes at our company as part of the fitness challenge. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give myself that extra challenge, so I decided to join Boot Camp Hawai‘i with Emily Boll.

When I first met her, I thought, that’s what I want my body to look like…toned and fit. It was so convenient to have classes in the office so all I had to do was walk there, rather than drive (which sometimes I don’t always get to my workout…I get lazy and go home instead). I liked that Emily showed us different levels of a exercise move, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. I think that allowed everyone to push themselves to their individual limits. Some classes I was DEAD TIRED, but felt awesome to do the workout. Even when I wanted to give up, Emily’s encouragement pushed me beyond failure. I was also able to do some classes at Ala Moana Beach in the mornings. I enjoyed waking up in the morning to workout. It gave me energy to sustain me though the workday and beyond. Emily’s classes always had something new to challenge my mind and body. It was great! It even helped me be a “happier” mommy/wife at home.

With including more fruits and veggies in my diet and being part of Boot Camp Hawaii, I have seen more muscle definition in my arms, abs, legs, and butt. It just motivates me to continue. After the 12-week challenge, I lost 12 lbs and 5% body fat and losing 3 inches around my waist. My goal for the 12-week challenge was to get into the “normal/healthy” weight and body fat range. And I did just that! In the 12-weeks I was able to go from being “overweight” to now being “healthy”. Many co-workers say, “wow you’re looking slimmer”. And I guess they are right. I ended up getting 2nd place in the women’s division for the challenge.

Now that the 12-week challenge is over, I have to motivate myself to continue (that’s a challenge in itself). My current goals are to be 150 lbs by January 30th, my birthday. I want to have a toned body, like Emily’s. I also hope to run one-mile in 10 minutes. I hope to have Boot Camp classes continue at our office. It is so convenient. If not, I hope to continue with Boot Camp Hawai‘i so I can reach my goal by the birthday.

- Juanita Wolfgramm, mother of three
SSFM International


“Helping Others Get Fit Too”

I first met Emily Boll as an instructor at a fitness facility a year or so before she started Boot Camp Hawaii.  She has always had a cheery and upbeat attitude that is encouraging and positive.  For this reason I thought of her when a group of coworkers wanted to get together to workout.  I thought this would be a great way to get to have fun with my coworkers who had similar fitness aspirations and get in a good workout without having to leave work.  I knew of Emily’s business, Boot Camp Hawaii, and that she offered on location services so I asked if she could come to our place of work and tailor an exercise workout based upon our space and fitness levels at a convenient time our group could gather.  We were easily able to set up a day a time that worked with Emily and our group.  We started off with meeting once a week and we have recently increased the attendance of our group as well as our sessions to twice a week.

My initial fitness goals when we began were to lose a few pounds (so I would look good in my clothes – I love fashion and shopping – oh and for health, let’s not forget about that) and not be the last person to finish the cardio sets of our workouts (in the beginning I was almost always bringing up the rear – I hate being last).  The workouts are challenging, always changing, never boring and push you to your limits in a good way.  I always leave dripping in sweat and feeling good.

Over time working with Emily and Boot Camp Hawaii (amongst other things – it takes more than a day or two of exercise a week) I have gained greater strength, better stamina, and accomplished my initial goals.  Now when I go shopping I find a lot more things that fit and look good, I don’t feel as limited as before, and I even occasionally get compliments.  I am no longer always bringing up the rear in cardio sets but in the middle of the pack.  I feel this is great improvement and I am still striving to get better (maybe I can be in the front one of these days).

- Brandy Kawasaki
University of Hawaii at Manoa